15k in May Challenge – Week 1 Update


This is the first weekly update for my progress in our 15k in May challenge, of which you can find out more in my previous post.

The Sun has arrived, however briefly, in the UK and with it comes the end of the first week of the challenge. It has been an interesting 7 days, some of which have been very busy with working away, family visits and the all-important barbeques and beers.

Despite breaking the promise I made to myself that I would write something on my WIP every single day, I did unfortunately post one zero word count day. I didn’t beat myself up too badly for this, as I did manage to exceed my goal of 500 on all of the other days:

Day 1 – 1292
Day 2 – 792
Day 3 – 0 (GROAN)
Day 4 – 1045
Day 5 – 852
Day 6 – 875
Day 7 – 599

TOTAL FOR WEEK 1: 5,455 words

So at the moment my WIP stands at 67,373 words on my first draft.

For my next update I will try to give more of an insight in to how the actual writing is progressing, but for now I want to get back to the keyboard as blog posts, flash fiction and anything else I write doesn’t count towards my overall goal for the month!

Please feel free to join in the challenge, or see our progress on twitter by following #15kinmay. I hope you are all enjoying your writing journeys and I look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Author: Wayne

14 thoughts on “15k in May Challenge – Week 1 Update

    1. Thank you Ann! It’s been interesting to see what I can get done in short 30-60 min bursts – not least because I am in to serious seat-of-the-pants territory with my plot!

  1. Well done! You’re 2k ahead. Me on the other hand, as you well know, is 3.5k behind.. Oh well, I am happy editing and reading aloud and have worked out which WIP to work on which was a big decision..
    Has it really been a week? Here’s to week two!

    1. You’re moving forward with the work, Lynne – always creeping towards the finish line, which is better than leaving that old draft gathering dust in the drawer! Keep going.

    1. Thanks Rinelle – yes, it definitely helps me to make myself a bit more accountable. It’s also helping me breathe new life in to my story – I have started to get lots of ideas for improvements and plot seeds for when I eventually reach draft 2!

  2. Well done! You’re making excellent progress, I wouldn’t worry about having a day off, in fact I would encourage it, and call it thinking time.

    I’m not doing so well regards word count. Reconnecting with my WIP is proving more difficult, but I won’t be beaten. Some writing has been done, but mainly reading and rearranging.

    Week 2 will be better.

    1. Stop beating yourself up! Were you spending as much time as this on the WIP last month, or the month before? No. So it’s all good. Anything you get done is a bonus. Well done.

  3. That seems like a perfectly good week if your goal is 15,000 in the month. A few more of those and you have it in the bag. A day off every week is very helpful to my process, too, though I schedule it in. Hope you’re enjoying the work!

    1. Cheers John. Yes, enjoying the work in fits and starts. Struggling with a rather large plot hole at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll get there!

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