L is for Lies. Go Home and Tell Some Lies (song)

The video clip is myself and fellow songwriter, George Odom, playing a song we wrote a couple of years ago called ‘Go Home and Tell Some Lies’. The song began life as nothing more than a title which popped in to my head one day on the way to work.

Suitably inspired, George came up with a nice chord progression and we wrote the song in half an hour or so. Lyrically, I wanted to show the male side to an illicit affair – as this often gets overlooked in songs. In my scenario, the man is single but is involved with a married woman – he desperately wants her to leave her husband or end the affair, but she is content to go home and tell some lies.

Here are the lyrics:

We both know what you’re thinking

When you say you can’t make this time

You ain’t never ever gonna leave him now

So go home and tell some lies.

I know you warned me from the start

That we weren’t playing for keeps

So don’t you worry about my fragile heart

Just go home and tell some lies.


Yeah go home

Go home and tell some lies

Yeah go home

Go home and tell some lies


Do I love the real you,

Or for who you appear to be?

On the face of it I’ve got nothing to lose

So go home and tell some lies.

Sometimes I see you’re dying to tell me

The things you hide inside

Unless he finds out what you’ve been doing

You’ll go home and tell some lies.


And though you dismiss this thing as fantasy or fun

But when the devil comes knocking at your door

Will you be hiding anyone?



So try your best to hurt me

I won’t be sticking around to fight

You’ll be alone and old ’cause of the lies you told

So go home and tell your lies.

What inspires your writing (songs or otherwise)?

This was my 12th post for the A-Z Blog Challenge. Follow the blog during April for more writing tips, inspirational life posts, short fiction, film-inspired articles and more songs with audio recordings. Next post – M is for Maybe I Don’t Need To Know.

Author: Wayne

23 thoughts on “L is for Lies. Go Home and Tell Some Lies (song)

  1. Got shivvers during parts of that. Great song and loved the singing. Thinking I need to do a different post for the middle of the challenge.. hmm.. no one would want to listen to me sing!

    1. Shivers? Turn up the heating, Lynne! Only kidding, that’s a lovely thing to say – and if you can’t sing, you could always record a monologue or piece of poetry?

    1. Thanks Rinelle – and if I can write a song then ANYONE can! My next 2 posts will also be musical – although just audio and no video. Not sure it will prove quite as popular as my other posts!

  2. This is great. I think anyone who can do this is incredibly brave. It’s one thing to write words behind a computer screen, but another altogether to sing in front of a camera and put it out there. Brilliant.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Rebecca. I’ve died on stage enough times over the years to develop a thick skin! My next couple of posts will also be song related – but will just have the full audio recordings.

    1. Haha. Cheers John. You’re right – George is my secret weapon! My next 2 posts will also be based around songs, but I won’t be using the video gimmick – audio will be available though!

  3. Man of many talents! I love the lyrics, and I enjoyed hearing you sing it too.

    I’ve never tried to write a song, I’d like to try one day, BUT, I wouldn’t inflict my singing on anyone! 😉

    Have you tried to sell that song to anyone? I could see Bruno Mars singing it…just a thought 🙂

    1. Thanks Ros. I’ve been writing songs for years – its like a poor man’s poetry! I think you can hide a lot more behind the music and I always feel like I’m going to ‘do it wrong’ or sound silly when I try poetry. I have a lot of admiration for poets.

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