R is for Red, White and Blue – a song about War.

War Memorial, Bradgate Park by Wayne Kelly
War Memorial, Bradgate Park by Wayne Kelly

I wrote this song a few years ago, not long after Tony Blair left office as UK Prime Minister. At the time it was becoming increasingly clear that he may have greatly exaggerated the truth to ensure that the UK entered the war in Iraq. Like many people, I was angry and shocked at his dismissal of the whole incident and the way he simply swanned off in to the sunset to accept his job as (get this) Peace Envoy to The Middle East! As a rule, I’m not an overtly political person, but I think citizens have a right to know if we have been misled – especially when such a decision can lead to the deaths of many people, on both sides of the conflict.

Anyway, enough prattling on, here are the lyrics and you can listen to a recording of the song here.

Red, White and Blue

Red was the blood that was spilled in the name of peace,

White were the flags that were waved, now beneath your feet.

And Blue eyed boys keep on dying.

Blue eyed boys have died for you.

What would you do for the red, white and blue?

Liberate or maim, it’s all the same to you.

Red, white and blue.

Said were the words that you used to change our minds,

Slight-of-hand tricks, the odds were all fixed, we were blind.

And Blue eyed boys keep on dying.

Blue eyed boys have died for you.


And all the while, behind your smile, you hide.

You make the break, before the ink has dried.

You lied.

How many have died for you?

Do world events or issues influence your work? What emotion evokes your best writing or art?

This was my 18th post for the A-Z Blog Challenge. Follow the blog during April for more writing tips, inspirational life posts, short fiction, film-inspired articles and more songs with audio recordings. Next post – S is for Satisfied and why you shouldn’t be.

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10 thoughts on “R is for Red, White and Blue – a song about War.

    1. Ah bless you, Anne. It varies – I do write a lot of the music too, but only very crude chords on an acoustic guitar. My long-time collaborator and friend, George is an amazing musician and always improves my compositions ten-fold. We record and perform under the band name, The Wry Dogs with 2 other musicians. Hardly ever get to play our own music live these days, but we all perform in a cover band together.

    1. Thanks Maria. I know – still feels like Blair managed to con the entire government and country and then get away scot-free. He’s like the Kayser Soze of international politics (that will only make sense if you’ve seen The Usual Suspects!)

  1. Powerful song–it really captures the sense of outrage and betrayal that so many of us felt at the deception perpetrated to “sell” this war. That sense of outrage just grows strong as no one is held to account for the lies, and people like Blair continue to reap the rewards that come from being duplicitous, war-mongering [insert word that I wouldn’t use on someone else’s blog here].

    1. Yes, when you see people in power getting away with such things just gives you a sense of impotent rage – if someone can mislead the public and then escape without rebuke or reprimand, what does that really say about our democracy? Anyway, getting a bit heavy for a Sunday morning! Thanks for taking the time to comment, Kern.

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