Don of The Dead episode 4 – Don’s School Reunion

Don of The Dead - my ongoing comedy series about an inept zombie.
Don of The Dead – my ongoing comedy series about an inept zombie.

Don of The Dead – Series Overview

Don is recently deceased but didn’t quite make it to the other side, so seems doomed to join the rotting ranks of the undead rubbing shoulders with the living who have now begrudgingly accepted that some people just refuse to die.

Each short episode finds Don dealing with the everyday difficulties of being a walking corpse.

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Don’s School Reunion

I stepped in to the school hall, the smell of cleaning fluid and adolescent sweat assaulting my senses, and found myself face to face with Jeremy Jones. He looked toned, tanned and totally at ease until he accidentally stood on my foot, recoiling, as he heard the squelch and saw the brown goo ooze from my old brogue shoe.

“Oh. Like. Sorry. It’s Dan, isn’t it?” he said.

“Don. Hi, Jeremy.”

“Yah, yah. For sure. Remember now. You never turned up for the last term and no one knew why.”

I gestured to my missing cheek and loose eye-ball. “I was attacked by a zombie.”

“So, like, you’re one of those Undead dudes? Always wondered what that’s like. Good pay? What’s the benefits package?”

I stared at him for a moment, judging his stupidity. Assessment: ‘very stupid’.

“It’s not really a job, Jeremy. More of a terrible curse.”

“Bit like a job in Finance then, yah?” He laughed and held up a hand, waiting for a ‘high-five’ that would never arrive.

He glanced over my shoulder. “Anyway, Dan. Just seen Felicity Hardwicke. Must dash. Dead good to see you again. No offence.”

He left me alone to be respectfully ignored, just like every school disco I had ever attended.

Some things never change.

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      1. Well . . . he has a thing for Janine (the eye-patch wearing mystery lady from episode 2) and he really isn’t as keen on eating people as he should be, so we will see how that relationship develops!

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