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U is for Uncommon Courtesy

Common courtesy. What is it? Well, for one thing, it certainly isn’t as common as it used to be (I now realise that statement makes me sound about a hundred years old, and you may now be picturing me smoking a pipe, squinting into the…

P is for Pigeon-Hole! Stop trying to put me in a box!

I think we would all agree that the Internet has brought with it a plethora of benefits for both the consumer and the producer of products, music, books and art. As a musician, I can record a song in my garage and 5 minutes later…

I is for Imitation – the sincerest form of flattery. Honest!

I have a problem. It has been with me for as long as I can remember and over the years it has been the cause of both embarrassment and harassment. Many people would (and have) argued that it only requires some self-control and discipline to…

H is for History – Don’t forget the ‘STORY’ part!

Why is History often taught so badly? Firstly I must say that this is not a statement designed to alienate any teachers that may be reading this post – merely an observation based on my experiences as a child. I should also say that I…

TV to die for. If ‘Boredom’ was a disease.

BAD TV. We’ve all been there . . . Ok, you’ve just watched the first segment of a TV programme about ‘Dave’ – a man with an irrational fear of pastry who has just returned to his job at the local cake factory after a…



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