Don of The Dead Episode 3 – Don Goes Shopping

Don of The Dead - my ongoing comedy series about an inept zombie.
Don of The Dead – my ongoing comedy series about an inept zombie.

Don of The Dead – Series Overview

Don is recently deceased but didn’t quite make it to the other side, so seems doomed to join the rotting ranks of the undead rubbing shoulders with the living who have now begrudgingly accepted that some people just refuse to die.

Each short episode finds Don dealing with the everyday difficulties of being a walking corpse.

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Don Goes Shopping

Finally, after a mere ten minutes of mind-numbing phone conversation, the vacuous teenage sales assistant noticed me standing at the customer service desk.

“Oh great. Gotta go,” she said, before cupping her hand around the phone and adding,”No. It’s one of them.”

She terminated the call and produced a waxwork-worthy smile.
“How can I help you today. Sir?”

Ignoring the prejudice in her voice, I placed the Brainy-Yum-Yum ready meal on the counter.

“I was looking for something in the ‘No Brains’ range. Is this really the only microwave meal you have for those of the Undead persuasion?”

“You mean Zom-”

“Please, miss. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t use the Zed word.”

She blinked. “Right. Either way, that’s the only one we’ve got.” She picked up the box, heavily mascaraed eye-lashes fluttering as she read aloud, “Full of Brainy goodness. What’s the problem? Thought you lot ate brains?” She gestured behind me and I followed her gaze to see Grunt by the fridges, his eye hanging out of its socket, groaning loudly as he repeatedly slapped himself over the head with bag of minced meat.

“How dare you!” I said. “Grunt is a valued member of the Undead community. Anyway, he’s probably just trying to read the ingredients. We’re not all mindless monsters, you know.”

At that moment, there was a pop followed by the shlup-shlup of raw meat falling to the ground. I turned to see Grunt face down, as he tried to suck minced beef off the floor.

The girl sighed and leaned over to the tannoy. As I made my way to the exit, her laconic tones echoed though the store.

“Zombie clean-up on aisle four, zombie clean-up on aisle four.”

I sighed. Cornflakes for dinner again then.


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