Flash Fiction – Tears of a Clown

This challenge was to write a 100 word piece containing the dialogue, “What are you lot doing here?’

Here’s what I came up with (100 words):


Tears of a Clown

Ken was dead.

When he opened his eyes, he found he was beside a huge circus tent. Stale candyfloss and calliope chorus floated past on the breeze as several familiar figures approached.

“What are you lot doing here?” asked Ken.

“Welcome, Coco!” said Mr Giggles, painted tears contrasting his cheerful outlook.

Ken groaned and looked down at his own garish red and yellow costume.

“No! Please!”

“Yes, you guessed it,” said Flower, “It’s Clown Heaven!”

“Is this a joke?”

“Coco!” said Jangles, “There’s nothing funny about Clown Heaven!”

Ken sighed and put on his clown nose. “Yeah. You’re telling me.”


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Author: Wayne

9 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Tears of a Clown

    1. Haha – as if proof were needed! Yes, these challenges are great fun. Look forward to hearing your stuff again when you return to the group.

  1. Aww, hopefully Ken will come around. At first I thought this was a reincarnation story and he’d gotten monkey-treatment, but I think you could have a blast in Clown Heaven. Infinite seltzer. Infinite pies. Nobody dies from falling off the trapeze anymore.

    1. Haha, cheers John. Have to admit, for me it would be Hell – not because I find clowns scary (unless it’s Pennywise from ‘It’), but because I just don’t find them funny. Now, if it was a heaven that only played Laurel and Hardy films, that might be a different matter . . .

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