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How to know when an idea is ‘THE IDEA’

As writers and creatives, the problem is rarely ‘I have no ideas’. It’s usually quite the opposite and we get inundated with the damn things. So how do we know which one is ‘THE IDEA’, the one that has the legs, the depth and the…

Novel Writing – Writing is Rewriting!

‘Writing is Rewriting’ As the saying goes, ‘Writing is rewriting’ and whilst that’s true of any writing, it’s especially true of Novels. It’s definitely a phrase that’s been rattling around my head this week as I’ve continued to rewrite the final scenes of my novel….

Novel Writing – Opening Chapters and Prologues

This is the latest of my weekly updates on the redrafting of what will be my debut novel, ‘Safe Hands’. You can find the story so far in this previous post. This week was all about revising my opening chapter. Like many of you reading…

My Debut Novel, ‘Safe Hands’ – The Story So Far

I have mentioned my debut novel from time to time on this blog, but it’s been a while so in preparation for my upcoming weekly updates, I thought it might be an idea to bring you up to speed with what it is and where…

Why you should write a logline for your novel

Following on from my previous post where I came out (of the novel-writing closet), I thought I would tell you a little more about the novel and share a tip I picked up from reading Save The Cat – a brilliant book about Screenwriting. It’s…



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