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When Writing Gets You Down, REWRITE YOUR ATTITUDE

Today I’m talking about my recent struggle with self-doubt and what you should do when Writing gets you down. It’s been a while since we spoke, hasn’t it? Here we are sprinting toward the end of September and a quick check tells me that my…

New Year Goals – don’t say the ‘r’ word!

New Year’s Day is for nursing hangovers and banishing the regrets of last year, which is why I’m writing this on January 2nd. Yes, it’s that time again. Time to lay out my reso – NO! DON’T SAY IT! Let’s use goals, targets, milestones –…

Write Up To Date #3 – He shoots . . . He misses!

   Let’s get straight in to it. Here were my aims for last week, along with the mixed bag of outcomes:- 1. Write minimum of 1500 words on novel – 300 words written. 2. Write minimum of 1500 words on crime story – 1100 words…

Write Up to Date Post#2 – The Nearly Man

It’s that time of week again. No excuses. Last week I set my writing goals for the week. Here’s a summary of what I was aiming to do – along with how I got on: 1. Write minimum of 1000 words of novel – ACHIEVED…

Time for ACTION! Writing Goals – Write Up to Date Post Number 1

This is the first of my ‘Write up to date’ posts. These will be weekly updates and in addition to my regular blog posts. The idea is for me to better plan my writing activities, become more accountable and to bring you ‘Write up to…



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