Thankyou for the Music . . .

Potentially not a great start to the day: Awoken by my 7 year old daughter at 7.20am who calmly informs me that I seem to have overslept by about half an hour. She, however, has washed, dressed, tidied her room and now wants to borrow the laptop to prepare for the opening of the markets. She mutters something about there being an overnight surge in Equities and disappears downstairs. At least I think that was what she said – it was either that or “I’m going to check out the Nick Junior website.”

I spend the next 30 minutes stumbling around half asleep and trying to get myself ready for work, then pretend to be a responsible parent by double-checking Megan has brushed her teeth. She has – but reminds me that I’ve put my T-shirt on back to front.
After eventually successfully dropping Megan off at her Grandma’s, I realised I had to try to reverse the faltering start I had made to the day. The answer? Music, of course. I had a twenty minute car journey to reverse my fortunes:
Step 1 – Dig out the never failing Motown compilation. 
Step 2 -Find the desired track (today it was ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’ – Stevie Wonder)
Step 3 – Crank up the volume.
Step 4 – Start slow – tap your fingers, maybe nod your head slightly.
Step 5 – Prepare to look silly – sing at the top of your voice and feel the endorphin rush.
Step 6 – DO NOT CRASH* Kelly’s Eye accepts no responsibility for personal injury.
18 minutes and 5 tracks later, I turned off the engine and virtually skipped to work. A couple of hours later and I still feel good – despite being ignored by a client and the fact that it’s Friday 13th.
Try it – you won’t be disappointed, I promise. Don’t just take my word for it either. Here’s the Scientific proof –

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