Write Up To Date #3 – He shoots . . . He misses!

My trademarked ‘I’m Sad’ face

Let’s get straight in to it. Here were my aims for last week, along with the mixed bag of outcomes:-

1. Write minimum of 1500 words on novel – 300 words written.

2. Write minimum of 1500 words on crime story – 1100 words written.

3. Record, edit and release this week’s Joined Up Writing Podcast Extended episode on Character now available.

4. Complete Phoenix Writer’s Challenge before Saturday – COMPLETED.

5. Sub one piece of work to a competition or for publication – NO SUBMISSIONS.

Pretty bad week. No excuses, but a mixture of work and life obstacles sprang up to slow me down. The main factor for the failure to get near my word target for the novel, was the work itself. Try as I might I can’t escape the fact that I’m so far away from where the story needs to be, ploughing on regardless is only causing me more difficulty. The story is broken and can only be fixed with a MASSIVE rewrite. With this in mind, I will be bringing the novel to a close THIS WEEK – simply by writing a few closing paragraphs that bring the story to an end. I gave it a try, but I need to type ‘THE END’ and put away the manuscript – both literally and metaphorically – so that I can clear the decks for Novel Number Two and my other writing projects.

I didn’t quite reach the target for my crime short story either, but that was only because I wasted time on the novel. I’m really enjoying writing this and I’m getting good feedback from my critique group. I’m currently planning a heist (fictional, of course) so it may be a little slower going this week as I will need some thinking time.

BUT we recorded another two episodes of Joined Up Writing and I released the scheduled episode.

A flash of inspiration meant that I completed the writing challenge for Phoenix Writers. It had to be based around eating and discovering something unpleasant in your food. Here was my take:

Sing a song of sixpence, a mouthful of blood / Four and twenty blackbirds wedged in good. / And when his mouth was opened, the King began to scream / Oh what a witch, that evil bitch, the nasty, wicked Queen.

So . . . Let’s shake off the disappointment and plot some targets for this week:-

1. Summarise end of Novel Number One and type THE END.

2. Write 1500 on the crime story.

3. I WILL sub at least one piece this week.

4. Edit and release this week’s Joined Up Writing episode.

5. Complete Phoenix Writer’s challenge.

Ok . . . I’ve stated my Writing intentions – what are yours? What are your thoughts on my proposed solution for dealing with Novel Number One? Let me know below and have a great week.



Author: Wayne

2 thoughts on “Write Up To Date #3 – He shoots . . . He misses!

  1. Great effort on the crime story! I can vouch for how good it is…you’ll have very little editing to do at the end, the way things are going. I love it when we have fun with our writing.

    The novel issue – So you’ve solved it by giving yourself permission to write ‘THE END’ under it. Sit it down, and forget about it once you have, and get straight on with the next one.

    Somewhere deep in your mind, your subconscious will be working out what to do with it. Don’t concern yourself until you get a nudge. Then you’ll know what to do.

    Good luck with your goals… 🙂

  2. Another attacking week Wayne, so pour yourself a Youngs Double Chocolate stout for that. These targets are a real gym workout. This is not messing about on a treadmill, but full circuit training. I agree with Maria, but it might be worth a thought, that before you park the novel, do a story synopsis (no more than a side of A4). That way you will close on a positive note, package the plot in your mind and above all have a ready source of reference, for when you return to it at a later date.

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