N is for Night Time of The Soul

Hand of Time by Wayne Kelly
Hand of Time by Wayne Kelly

Ever have that ‘wake up in the middle of the night, searching-the-soul’ type moment? I’m sure you have – it’s part of the human condition. There’s just something about the dark and the quiet that can do that to a person.

It was during one such moment, when staying in London as part of my job,  that I awoke with a start to find myself alone in a hotel room, away from my family and mildly hung-over. I was experiencing my very own ‘Night Time of The Soul’. Despite feeling slightly depressed and more than slightly dehydrated, the first verse of this song appeared, fully formed in my head.

Click here to have a listen to a recording of it, as performed by our band, The Wry Dogs.

Here are the lyrics:

There’s a place in town I secretly frequent

When I’m feeling down and my joie de vivre’s been spent.

There’s no sign in the window but when the time is right,

You’ll still go to the place called The Night Time of The Soul.

Hats off to the gentleman at the bar

With his lack of style and grace, he’ll not get far.

So he drowns himself in lager, to forget that he’s a father.

In the place called The Night Time of The Soul.

Sweeping up is a girl I used to know,

She doesn’t have a brush but doesn’t seem to know.

So she shuffles round the tables, reciting Aesop’s Fables,

In the place called The Night Time of The Soul.

I hear a ticking clock inside my head (tick-tock, tick-tock)

‘A broken watch for a heart’ is what my doctor said.

So sing with me, while you’ve got the chance . . . .

It’s not a place you ever should ignore,

When your hopes and dreams are littered upon the floor.

So when you hear me scream and shout,

I suggest you do get out

Of the place called The Night Time of The Soul.

So have a listen and comment below – what is your idea of The Night Time of The Soul? What keeps you awake at night – apart from wondering about the next short story or chapter of your novel?

This was my 14th post for the A-Z Blog Challenge. Follow the blog during April for more writing tips, inspirational life posts, short fiction, film-inspired articles and more songs with audio recordings. Next post – O is for On My On – why we all need time alone.

Author: Wayne

19 thoughts on “N is for Night Time of The Soul

    1. Thank you, Sally. Much appreciated. I agree about reading lyrics – it was only when I typed out these that I realised I’d rhymed ‘know’ with ‘know’! Lazy writing!

  1. Funny you should write about waking up in the middle of the night. Last night I woke up twice, with a start, thinking there were mice in the bedroom. First time I believed they were eating crumbs I’d dropped, second time I thought they were eating money I’d left lying around. Talk about a strange night time of the soul!

    And no, I hadn’t been eating cheese before bed… Thankfully I got back off to sleep again both times. My favourite night times, however, are those where you feel so inspired that you can keep being creative beyond your normal bedtime without feeling tired. Sadly, it doesn’t happen often!

    1. If you didn’t eat cheese before bed, maybe you left some lying around in the bedroom – hence the mice? Yes, I like those creative nights too – not so good the following morning, though, when you’ve only had a few hours sleep. Never mind – I’ll sleep when I’m dead. Thanks for popping by again, Paul.

  2. I love those lyrics but can’t listen to the tune at the moment so I am keeping this open to listen tomorrow. I lie awake for hours most nights fretting about the next day. It’s how I’m made.

    1. It can be very hard to switch off sometimes. I have a few tricks I use, but sometimes you just have to go through it. Not so bad if you can come up with something new creatively though. Sort of makes it worthwhile.

    1. Hi John – just to be clear I haven’t written the songs during the A-Z – I’ve barely had time to write the posts, let alone write songs!

      Most of them are at least a couple of years old. I’ve been writing songs on and off since I was in my teens, with varying degrees of success! I think there will be 3 more during the challenge, the next one being ‘Red, White and Blue’ on Saturday. Do you play or write?

  3. What a great tune. I often wake up in bed and think too much.I sometimes solve a problem and think I have a wonderful solution but in the cold light of day the solution was ridiculous.

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