Poem – Punctuation Panda

For this week’s writing challenge we had to write a poem, any theme, 150 words or less. Poetry isn’t really my strong suit and I was scratching around for ideas until I got a flash of inspiration on a run in to work . . .I began to think about punctuation. Here’s what I came up with:


Punctuation Panda

Punctuation Panda dashes here in style

Asterisks form twinkling eyes,

A bracket for a smile.

He slashes through a line break,

Apostrophe possessed.

Hyphenates ’til breaking-point

With comma, takes a breath.


When paragraphs are lifeless,

And sentences are dull,

His rifling through your written words,

Makes ideas meaningful

Stop you in your tracks he will,

Question marks bequeathed?

For after all is said and done,

He just eats shoots and leaves!


I hope it at least provided you with a little frivolity and I’m sure you will appreciate my little homage to Lynne Truss’ excellent book.

I try to post the results of my writing group challenges on a weekly basis – along with other flash fiction and blog posts. As ever, I would love your feedback, comments, tweets and blog follows so please click to your heart’s content.

Author: Wayne

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