Weekly Writing Challenge – Flash Fiction – The Other Woman

This week’s writing challenge was 150 words with the prompt:

If she waits five minutes . . .

Here is what I came up with – a meditation on adultery. 150 words including the prompt.


    The Other Woman

If she waits five minutes she will see her arrive. The other woman. The one he’s chosen to spend the weekend with, rather than his wife and child. As usual, she parks the car around the corner, walking back to wait just out of sight but close enough to get a look at the object of his affections.

Affections and emotions long since gone. When he comes home, it’s in body only. Her attempted conversations are monologues punctuated only by empty platitudes and nods of the head. Eyes looking through, instead of at her.

Two more minutes. Then what? Confrontation? Confirmation of a truth she has accepted long before the credit card receipts and emails.

She glances at her watch and turns away before she can see the taxi arrive. Turns away just as she has done all those other times.

One more week, she thinks, just one more week.


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Author: Wayne

13 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge – Flash Fiction – The Other Woman

    1. Thanks – do you ever turn your hand to Flash Fiction? I’m a fairly recent convert but I love the immediacy of it and it can be a great warm up for writing the longer stuff.

  1. I chicken out like this all the time. Ironically, I didn’t the two times I caught lovers cheating on me, but on matters more trivial and more important, I postponed and procrastinated in dozens of cases. Such a frustrating part of psychology.

    1. We all know that the truth can be very hard to face – no matter how obvious it can sometimes be. I always say ‘Love Ain’t Just Blind . . . it’s stupid as well.”

    1. Thanks Maria. Not something I had considered, actually, but yes, definitely an interesting idea. Be interesting to get your take on it – I’ve written the woman, you can write the male perspective? Sometime later in the year when you get some free time, of course!

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