Weekly Writing Challenge – Monologue.

This week’s writing challenge was to write 150 words inspired by the idea of someone performing a mundane task for the first time.

My effort was inspired by having known someone who suffered a terrible head trauma and had to learn to do very basic tasks again – as if for the first time.


Getting Better

Getting better. Moving soon.

They tell me 6 weeks. That’s how long it’s been. I’ve been asleep. Since the accident. Happened on a road. I was on the phone. I think. The man didn’t stop. Doesn’t matter. Here now. Too hot and smells funny. Big day today. Jodie showed me. Got to do it myself. That’s what they say. Can’t go home. Not until I can use the spade.



Spoon, that’s it.

It was hard. Felt like a baby. Chasing hand to get the food. Trying, forcing, squeezing, shouting. Jodie says getting mad makes it worse. Bite my tongue. Get some in. Rice everywhere. Sticky on my chin. Falling on my sheets. Couldn’t get it all. Doctor watching, writing down.

Hand hurts. Head hurts. Tired now. Jodie cried and kissed me. Sticky rice on her face now.

Try again tomorrow.

Getting better. Moving soon. That’s what they say.


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Author: Wayne

10 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge – Monologue.

  1. Brilliant! This has actually been me, massive spinal cord damage – had to relearn everything. Excellent insight…well done with your new challenge! :))

    1. Thanks a million, Donna – sorry to hear about your injury. Hope you are getting better now? Yes, it was the story of a friend of my family that really touched me. It just looked like such a traumatic thing to have to deal with.

  2. This is great. A great insight.
    My dad had an accident almost 30 years ago – he went through a long period that the above reminded me off. And your right… try again tomorrow… getting better 🙂

    1. Thank you, Annmarie – yes, I know that it can be a very, very long road to recovery with lots of tiny steps on the way. Despite massive advances in medicine and science, the brain is still largely a mystery to us.

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