Twitter and a blog? What next – Fire?!

I tried Myspace for a while (still pretty good for music – check out, fell in love with Facebook and then only a week ago, my friend and boss virtually had to force me to try Twitter.

Have to admit I was sceptical, as I already find myself wasting too much time of an evening trawling through Facebook friends updates such as ‘Mmm, can’t beat choccie biscuits!’ or ‘I’ve just bought a lovely pair of socks’. You know – useful stuff. I just assumed Twitter was more of the same, and I guess it can be if you want, but when used with Tweetdeck or whatever other apps are out there, it suddenly becomes a really useful research tool and a great way to network.
I work as a soundman/producer/Final Cut Pro Editor for a corporate video production company, so it’s already been great for finding tips and useful bits of info regarding work. In addition I write, record and perform music so I think it will be great for hooking up with other like minded people. The site above is for a part time cover band I perform in at the weekends, but I will be creating a site for original material in due course, if anyone’s interested.
Anyway, the point is, one thing has lead to another and I thought the next logical step was to try a blog. So here it is. I’ll keep an eye out for interesting video/tech/music related stuff and will try to keep up to date with the posts.
Let’s see how it pans out.

Author: Wayne

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